Raising Arizona – The Coen Brothers’ Postmodern Playground

RaisingArizona1_610_407shar_s_c1My paper on Raising Arizona – one of my favorite movies of all time – was a bit hit with the professor today.

Unfortunately it’s not in English, but for those of you interested, my main point is that Ethan and Joel are playing around with metaphors to the point of pointlessness, and thus making the movie an example of the nihilistic elements of postmodernism, which – if it wasn’t for the humor – would have been kind of a boring premise. I mean who wants to see someone pointing out that there is no point in making a movie without a point.

But in the end it is the humor that drives it, and becomes the whole point, and that, not to put a point on it, is the point… sorry, I couldn’t help myself 😉