I can’t breathe, I can’t see
I can’t move, so come to me
I wanna feel, I want to taste
I want the weight, as you move your waist

Let’s get together
Let’s do a 1-2-3 all night
I said Hey
Now that’s better
A million years ’til morning light

I can’t run, I wont hide
There’s too much funk, In every bite
I wanna touch, I want to move
I want you close, A silky groove

Babe, babe, babe
Let’s do a 1-2-3 all night

I hear you breathe, From deep inside
Your body’s tense, Face next to mine
I want more, There’s no control
Your burning flame, Will have my soul

In the early morning, steaming in the light
Music runs on empty, as dreamers lose their sight
Arms surround my waist now, Angel smiles at me
You ask why don’t we split babe, It’s time to set it free