Morning Light

Baby if you wanna dance
Don’t just stand there, don’t be too nice
Give me some spite
Baby if you wanna please
Don’t you please me
Don’t you please me
Give me your mind

Take me high
You know I want what you’ve got to give tonight
Take me high
I just know that we got to live and I’ve
Only got one night
We’ve only got one night
’till morning light

Baby when you’re next to me
Don’t just tell me what you think I want
There’s no need to play me
Cause baby when you start to move
My senses leave me
They just leave me
Gotta have you right here

Hey there’s so much more that you can give
Let’s try to have some fun, we’ve got to live
I just wanna let you know
You just gotta let it show
And then we’ll
make each other ride the morning glow
So let’s go