It’s Your Time

On a misty morning
On a summer day
Life takes a turning
Love fades away
On your darkened table
Lies a salty tear
Don’t you remember
Not to live in fear
So hear me say

Hey Babe it’s your time
I know you’ll be fine
Hey Love follows you
The hope you left behind – is coming true

You think you know this
Not to trust again
You can’t forget your
Moments in the rain
But once in a lifetime
There comes a change
You can face it darling
Or run away
So hear me say

From the sunshine on the sea
From the love in you and me
All we can, All I am
It’s just fine
In the love we knew before
In a heart that asks for more
You will find love in time
You get it all
Though you don’t believe it’s here now

On a misty morning
In the summer night
You should remember
This is not your fight
All the bad decisions
All the crazy years
They wont deceive you
If you trust me dear