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Beat Getting Loud

Beat Getting Loud
I’m all up in here
I don’t walk alone
I’m too big to care
If they play my song

Another hide’n’seek
to the drum machine
and there’s a million ladies
I’ve never seen

But you know I just want you all alone
Cause you’re moving to a beat that brings it home

You know you bring it on
that grind is mean
And you’re the sweetest thing
I’ve ever seen

I’ll find my way
I wont fake another heart-ache
I’ll take my chance
I’m strong enough to hold you now
As the beat is getting loud

You’re not wastin’ time
You just make earth move
Cause I can feel you baby
As you kick my groove


I can’t breathe, I can’t see
I can’t move, so come to me
I wanna feel, I want to taste
I want the weight, as you move your waist

Let’s get together
Let’s do a 1-2-3 all night
I said Hey
Now that’s better
A million years ’til morning light

I can’t run, I wont hide
There’s too much funk, In every bite
I wanna touch, I want to move
I want you close, A silky groove

Babe, babe, babe
Let’s do a 1-2-3 all night

I hear you breathe, From deep inside
Your body’s tense, Face next to mine
I want more, There’s no control
Your burning flame, Will have my soul

In the early morning, steaming in the light
Music runs on empty, as dreamers lose their sight
Arms surround my waist now, Angel smiles at me
You ask why don’t we split babe, It’s time to set it free

Let it Go

Let it Go
Like a kid on a highway
You don’t know which way to go
You’re just lost in the faces
That you think you have to know
In the final hour
Like a cold cold shower
Nothing’s ever getting through
Just one mistake
Just a bit too late
And everything will fall on you

Cause you break and you grow
You breathe what you blow
Just get into the flow
And you let it go

You’re full of ambitions
That your big words cannot hide
You just make up the reasons
And you think you stop the tide
But forget your mind
Forget the signs
And take a look at what you got
Forget this game
Forget your blame
Cause life is but a single shot

Forgotten directions
Hide behind the things you say
One step uphill
And your seem to loose your way
But take your time
Flip that dime
And let the world just come to you
Cause your mistakes
Are not just fakes
But everything that makes you you