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Her Scattered Gold – part 2

So finally we managed to get all of us in one room to finish what we started. Maya and Matilde did everything in one-takes as usual and recorded some beautiful songs, while I produced (which with this Lion upgrade mainly consisted of getting the sound to work).

As soon as we’ve made the final tweaks it will be made available for download in stores, but until then listen and enjoy:

01 On the Border
02 He Took the Stars
03 For the Life
04 Last Glade of the Forest
05 Towards the Moon
06 Born With Eyes Wide Open
07 Where the Pathways End
08 I am Weak
09 Flashlights
10 White
11 Smooth
12 Bleed for Me
13 Do you feel the fire
14 I Need Only One
15 Journey of the Stars
16 With Only Skin
17 Sweet Rain

Her Scattered Gold

I had the distinct pleasure of helping two incredibly talented young ladies record a few of their beautiful songs today. Lucky for me, they allowed me to publish the result, but you’ll need to talk to them about how to get a copy. Until you do, listen and enjoy.
Born With Eyes Wide Open
Everything Passes
I Need Only One
Where the Pathways End
With Only Skin