DIY Electric skateboard rack


My newfound passion for electric skateboards, caused a bit of a pile-up in the living room, so I decided to create a rack. My main objective was to get them out of the way and charging with as little fuss as possible, so here is what I came up with.

1 – Board with risers

The problem with hanging boards on a rack, is that the wheel sizes vary. The old boards I have go down to around 50mm, but the new electric-boards easily go up to 80-90 mm, so I have to lift the hangers off the board a bit.

I cut out a 100×100 mm block, with around 25mm thickness, and glued it onto the back board. The screws I’ll use for the hanger will go through it, and into the back board, so it should hold fine once mounted.


2 – Hangers

I got these cheap at Bauhaus, but any hanger with two pins will do, so if you have any lying around, use those. The main criteria is that you’ll need to get some fairly robust screws through there to hold the weight of an eboard – the screws that come with the hanger are crap – so make sure the holes are of decent size.


3 – Mounting

Make sure you use the longest screws the wall will allow, because there is going to be some weight on this. I was unlucky to hit a line of loose mortar between bricks, so I ended up using expanding bolts to make sure it would hold.


4 – Power supply

To get the chargers up there, I mounted a 60x110mm cable tray above the rack, which should be sufficient for most chargers. I then cut the front of the cable tray over each hanger, and removed one corner to get the cables through.

This has the added benefit of making it easier to pull the front off, and get the charger down if I need to go anywhere.


I did a small loop with the cable across the hanger, to avoid pulling on the charger, if I should forget to unplug, when I take the board down.


Finished rack

The results works perfectly for what I needed. There is not a lot of room in the hallway where I did this, but the ceilings are high, so even longboards get enough out of the way to not be annoying. Also, the Spectra, which is the shortest board I have, is still long enough that I can reach it.