Bite-sized training – Changing the way we change

As most other companies we’re battling a combination of attention fatigue and generational gaps in Carlsberg. This makes it almost impossible to communicate new concepts and push the organization in new directions. We therefore want to create ways of communicating that gives people maximum value with minimal effort.

One concept we’ve been testing recently is called Smarter in 60 Seconds. It is a simplified way of training people on one specific subject that combines four components:

  1. One three minute introduction video with four components:
    1. What it is
    2. Why it is important to Carlsberg
    3. Why it is important to you
    4. How you get started
  2. Several 60 second videos showing how to do one specific thing that you are likely to find useful and share with others
  3. Articles combining two or more videos, with with step-by-step recap guides, showing you how to do more advanced things
  4. Monitored forum where our experts will answer any questions, and use them to create better guides

The benefit of these short videos is that they are easy to update and use in different contexts. As an example, several of them have been used in articles on our global intranet, or as posts in our social channels.


Here are a few examples of training we’ve done using this concept. The examples are from different training subjects, so don’t let that confuse you:

Three minute introduction video (from Artificial intelligence training):

Sixty second training video showing how to achieve one thing that you are likely to find useful and share (from Outlook training):

Article combining two or more videos with step by step guides (from SharePoint Records management training)

Feel free to copy this concept in your own company, and let me know how it goes in comments or on Twitter.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash